The past week has been amazingly busy for me. Aside from connecting with several new indie authors (yay!), I have decided to write a spin-off series to The Kiss Trilogy! This series will fill you in on what's been going on with Jamie and Kayla (and their son). But the main character is Lilly, Jamie's younger sister. I think you're all going to love her! I am pushing myself for an early February release date.
  On Friday, I will feature several indie authors on this blog! Each author will provide info on what they're doing, as well as a blurb about themselves and how to get in touch with them via social media. This is going to be fantastic! As a continuation of this promotion, I will be featuring two or three author spotlights every week. I will try to announce my authors ahead of time so fans can ask their own questions. If you want to be featured, please fill out my Contact Me form!

My first author will be Tina Pollick on Wednesday, January 23! Send in your questions!

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