You'll notice my "self-publishing blog" page is gone. I really didn't get too many hits on it, and I want to dedicate more of my time to my actual writing (anyone who has self-pubbing questions is more than welcome to ask away). 

Today I released my short Valentine's Day story, Wicked Valentine - I was originally going to publich a collection of short stories, but I've been sick for over two weeks now, so I decided to go with the one. This is an experiment of sorts - I am doing my own research on whether or not the KDP Select program is actually worth it. I've never participated in it before, so I wanted to test it and see if I end up making more money using it than I do through Apple and B&N. Expect results in May. 

My new @ChatterBox book is under way! It's a New Adult novel and I cannot wait for you all to meet my MC's! I will probaby be ready to pub this one in April!

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