After six long weeks of on again, off again symptoms, I finally made my way to the doctor's office on Friday. Nothing but a cold that wouldn't go away, but at least I got some meds for it, and now, I am feeling better! Because of the severity of my illness last week, I am a little behind on my publishing schedule. I am hoping to still publish Autumn Passions tomorrow, but I am not sure. It's still with the editor, and I will have to review the changes before I upload the manuscript.

I recently signed on to do a collaboration with a Young Adult author friend of mine. We are working to get it out as soon as possible, but we both have other works in progress, so I wouldn't count on it being available for some time yet. We're working off an idea I had months ago, and I am anxious to see where it takes us.

Since I'm feeling better, I am hoping to push out some major word counts this week... I will keep you updated on what happens with AP.

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