If there was ever a person afraid of going out on a limb, it's me. I have wanted to write since I was a teenager. I remember filling pages and pages of notebooks with stories and characters who felt more real to me than anyone else. But I lost myself after high school. I became focused on trying to find (and keep) a job that I never wanted. So I bounced from place to place, looking for something I couldn't quite name. 
I looked for a long time. And now, at 26, I've found exactly what I was looking for all along. My career has been right in front of my eyes for ten long years. I was just too blinded to notice. So, here I am, writing, blogging, and getting my act together. Finally.  

This website is one of my final steps in making my dreams a reality. I've wanted for so long to be able to work from home, and now I do. I'll never again have to be a 9-5 kind of gal, working for the weekend. I work on my own timeline and I love it!!

Today, I am working on Only Time Will Shift, and I think that you'll all be surprised by what happens. Or, at least, I hope so. Don't forget to buy my current releases, available at:

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Come back for more updates soon!

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