Today, I have a special treat for all you indie author lovers out there! I am featuring six up and coming indie authors today! These are not full-length interviews, but a small dip into each of their worlds. So check out each one and find your new favorite indie!

Pen Name: Sophia Jones 
Genre: Paranormal  Romance Short Stories 
Next release: “The Phantom and the Psychic: A Paranormal Erotic Tale” January 25th, any person that signs up for a publication announcement on my website will receive a coupon for a free download
Twitter:  @SophiaJRomance
Why should people  read what you write?  I am a romance junkie, and I write what I want to read: steamy, spooky stories that bring  escape from an often hectic day. I like my heroes angsty and my leading ladies strong. Life gets busy. I promise to deliver a complete story you can enjoy in one sitting.

 Pen Name: Aderyn Wood
Genre: fantasy, paranormal, historical, Young Adult
Next Release: March  3, 2013 “The Viscount’s Son”
  'The Viscount's Son' is a fictional blog that tells the story of book conservator, Emma, and her online project - to transcribe an ancient and mysterious text. The trouble is, Emma's colleague, Jack, believes the medieval 'diary' is a fake. Emma decides to translate the text and leave it up to her readers to decide - so what will you think? Follow Emma's journey to discern the mysteries of the medieval memoir.
Twitter:  @AderynWood
Why should people read your work? Mystery, magic and mayhem. I love developing characters that are forced to come to terms with their unusual talents, or overcome challenges of a preternatural kind. I like mixing my genres too, so my stories are familiar but offer something a little different.

 Pen Name: Inge Moore
Genre: Literary, Adventure, Children’s
Current titles(names): Short Story Collections: 1. As Crazy As You (Literary), 2. Trees in the Wind and Other Stories (Mix of literary and mainstream)
Novels: A Pony For The Fair (mid-grade children’s)
Short Stories: Dancing Lights, Confessions: Ten Fragments, The
Sheets, Cowboys, Something of Substance, An Honest Woman, Lucky, The Crow and
The Dwarf, Fort Erie, The Stoat, Niagara Falls, Only One Cat In the House, Happy
For A While, and Einstein (Mix of literary & mainstream). 
Next release:  “Savage Dawn”  March 1, 2013. 
Edziza, a dormant volcano in Northern Canada erupts. This eruption
triggers other volcanos in different parts of the world to follow suit. A global
volcanic winter ensues. Savage Dawn is the story of how a handful of survivors
deal with the aftermath.
Why should people read what you write? My stories have been published in literary magazines and broadcast on radio. One of my stories placed first in an annual Writers’ Digest Writing Competition. I studied creative writing at the University of Alberta.
(If you enjoy the writing of Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood, you will enjoy my work.) 

Pen Name: ED Martin
Genre: contemporary fiction, with some horror and magical realism occasionally mixed in
Current titles (names): "Tim and Sara," a short story for Kindle; my short story "The Business Trip" was just included in Free Flash Fiction's anthology The Flashing Type: Issue 1; I've also had over two dozen short stories
appear in various print anthologies and online publications.
Next release: I have several more Kindle shorts in the works, with the next one hopefully released in late spring. It's a fun dark
fantasy about a spirited peasant girl teaming up with an arrogant prince to slay a dragon.
Twitter: @EDMartin_Writer
Why should people read what you write? I’ve moved around and job-hopped a lot, so when I write I draw on my experiences to tell the stories of those around me, with a generous heaping of "what if" thrown in. I like to take an ordinary character or
situation and give it a new, unexpected perspective

 Pen Name: T.L. Manning
 Genre: Young Adult
 Current titles: “Red Sky At Night”
 Next release: “Wolf Moon's Blue Hour” Book 2 in the Night series January 26, 2013
  Jillian is forced to deal with the death of her older brother with her parents on the verge of a divorce making her feel more alone than ever. Her boyfriend, Gabriel and her good friend, Brent start to discover more information about the events that led
to his death while trying to dig up dirt on each other, and instead find that Jillian is in danger when the wrong person finds out she was the one behind the wheel during the crash. Can the two love sick men come together to save her
life, or will the pride in them be the death of her? 
Twitter:  @Snowqueentlc
Why should people read what you write? Writing young adult fiction has always been a dream of mine. I know how to deliver a drama-filled piece and leave them wanting more. My characters feel real, like you could meet them in person.  

Pen Name: Douglas Owen
Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy
Current titles (names): I Hate Zero-G
Next release: “A Spear in Flight” February 2013, Spears, protectors of The Realm. The elite group of men and women trained in the art of protecting, judging, and dispensing justice to the populace all had to start somewhere. They start as orphans at birth, for none would take a child from a loving family. Trained since birth, they live and learn to fight, to protect, and to serve the people. This is the story of one who will be, and the three friends that will help him be, a great Spear.
Twitter: @Douglas_A_Owen
Why should people read what you write? A fresh new look at the world about us through the eyes of a futurist, who has a love of the written word.
T.L. Manning
1/18/2013 02:57:25

Thank you so much Dawn, I really appreciate the exposure you are bringing to us, Someday I will repay this enormous favor, again thank you.

1/18/2013 03:07:20

I second that, Dawn. Thank you! What a great idea and I'd love to return the favor some day when I feel more established. Thank you for all of your support and advice. :)

1/19/2013 10:51:41

Thanks for the plug Dawn :)


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