Rebellious Flirt, the first part of a new series, is now available on Smashwords for FREE and I hope to get it on Amazon this week! Follow college student, Lana as she encounters Deacon, an older, sexy man who is inexplicably attracted to her. What she thinks is going to be a one-night stand quickly turns into something more. But can they overcome the differences between them?  - You can download it here:

I know some of you may be waiting on the third installment of the Time Series, but I have hit a wall with it and cannot continue it right now. I'm not saying I won't even finish it, but I plan to take some time away from it and hopefully come back to it in the fall! In the meantime, I have the Rebellious Series for you to enjoy, and I will likely put out another series in the next month or so.

So get ready to fall in love with more characters!

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