I really want to make the third book in the Rebellious series right, and that means taking more time to complete it, and make sure it's right. 
Also, I have a something coming up at the end of July, that I wasn't panning on. So the third book will be published sometime in August, and I will have more info as it gets closer! Sorry if you're disappointed, but there are LOTS of books available on various retailers from me! So go forth!!!

7/28/2013 04:11:36

I have finished all your books do far and would love to read the lat one in the time series!

7/31/2013 11:27:31

Disappointed in the Rebellious 2nd book-far too short !
So is Deacon Kellie's uncle or older brother? Please get the fact right!

9/9/2015 19:53:13

I really would like to get to read the third book i really hate when authors leave me hanging. I paid good money for your books.so get on with the next one its a short story i read it in 30 minutes how long can it take to wright.


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