I cannot even begin to express my apologies for being absent for nearly a week. I've had trouble getting over this cold; it just won't go away! But the final symptoms are receding and I feel (somewhat) back to normal. This morning I woke with a sense of purpose and drive.
   I spent some time yesterday coming up with a new idea for a book. It's definitely something within the New Adult genre and I feel like it will definitely be something worthwhile. There are an insane number of characters, so I'm in the process of creating deep character profiles. I want my readers to really connect with these people. 
   Leaves Of Autumn is almost ready! Only eight more days until release! I think everyone will be intrigued by Lilly's story! There's a lot going on (including a steamy scene) and unfortunately for Lilly, this is just the beginning! I don't want to give too much away, but I think you'll all like what I have in store. 

Here are some things I am absolutely loving this week:
1. Rap & Hip-Hop music from the 2000's. Pandora has a station for this genre and I am obsessed with it.
2. French Vanilla Creamer in my coffee. Don't get me wrong, coffee is delicious no matter how you drink it, but with my creamer in it, I drink ten times more!
3. My iPhone. Honestly, my whole life would fall apart without it.
4. Twitter. I can't even tell you how addicted to Twitter I am. I'm on it constantly. Even if I'm not tweeting, chances are, I'm reading through a collection of tweets. (ps- I love to hear from my fans on Twitter!)
5. My day planner. I know normal people just use their smartphone, and I considered doing that, but it wouldn't work. My phone has too many apps that are far too distracting. So my day planner stays on my desk and I keep track of my writing goals and whether or not I've met them. I also plan out my releases (weeks ahead). Keeping it on my desk helps me stay focused when I would otherwise be distracted.

That's it for today, folks. Come back soon! :)

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