I really want to make the third book in the Rebellious series right, and that means taking more time to complete it, and make sure it's right. 
Also, I have a something coming up at the end of July, that I wasn't panning on. So the third book will be published sometime in August, and I will have more info as it gets closer! Sorry if you're disappointed, but there are LOTS of books available on various retailers from me! So go forth!!!

So, guys, I'm hard at work on the third and final addition of the Rebellious Series, and it's going to be much longer than both of the other parts combined, because there's a lot of information to cram in! My goal is to push publish on this final part on August 1, but it might even be sooner, depending on how things go, so keep your eyes peeled!

You might notice that a lot of my books are currently free; I'm doing this as a promo this month, so if there's a title you want, be sure to grab it, because my regular prices will come back on August 1, as well (the first book of each series will remain free, now & forever).

The start of my next series will debut in August, and I'm thinking it will be extra hot. See my Facebook page for more on that, and be sure to like me!
    There have been a whole lot of new people viewing the website, not to mention some new Facebook Likes, which is great! Thanks for all your support and love! I LOVE hearing from my fans, so feel free to drop me a comment here or post on my Facebook page! Readers are my #1!!
    So, Rebellious Flirt went free on Amazon this week, which is so great! There have been a whole bunch of downloads since it went free and I am even in the Top 100 Free on Amazon in the Coming of Age category! You guys are awesome! 
    For those of you who have asked, the plan is to have a third and final installment of Rebellious available near the end of July. I just didn't want to publish them too close together! But, I have several other titles (including many freebies) that you can check out in the meantime! 
    After the third Rebellious short is published, I plan to have another series out beginning in August, and the ultimate goal is to have a new series release every 6 weeks... That's a tentative schedule, which means it's subject to change, but I think it's definitely doable! 
    If you've been enjoying (or even hating) my series, please leave a review! I like to know what you think and I thank each and every one of you who do leave reviews! 
    Rebellious Tease is available, and while the third book is currently untitled, it will be released no later than July 31st!

I hope you all had a great holiday and
    It's come to my attention that the edits I had done on Rebellious Flirt didn't end up in the final manuscript! I 100% apologize for the mix up between first and third person! I am going to fix it today and upload a new MS this afternoon, so hopefully it will be live tomorrow morning! 
    Thanks to everyone who has read it and for all your support!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day weekend!
So, Rebellious Tease  is live on Smashwords & Amazon for just $0.99! The journey continues as Lana's limits are tested and she wonders if being with Deacon is really the right choice...

Just a reminder, Rebellious Flirt is FREE, everywhere except Amazon, so if you want to download it on Amazon, you'll have to help me drive down the price by submitting a reference of a lower price! Barnes and Noble has it for free, so you can use this link: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rebellious-flirt-jillian-holmes/1115864785?ean=2940044607866

Thanks for all your help! I will probably add to the series over the next few weeks, but definitely not this week. The upcoming holiday has me super busy and I've got about a hundred things going on. But I'm going to shoot for the release of a third in the Rebellious series by July 15th!

Thanks for all your support!